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April 30, 2019


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Say Goodbye to the Old Fashioned Method of Auditing

Retail outlets are sometimes difficult to manage most especially if there are lots of branches in different locations. Learn more about the Foko Retail in this article. Foko Retail is a modern way which will offer more convenience to the brand managers so you have to check it out! The users can interact with each other by sending comments and messages to each other.

In addition, members can even categorize the contents with the use of different hashtags. With the help of this application, the members of the team can be able to communicate well with each other and they can discuss essential topics. In this way, they can make the company grow in a faster manner. As a result, you can be able to save time and effort. By conducting surveys, you can be able to determine the areas which needs more improvement. By tracking the weaknesses of the team, you can be able to think about more strategies and techniques to grow the business. If your files are organized, you can be able to work well and save more time. The manager will be able to determine the tasks which have been finished and the activities which must be completed.

By using the mobile surveys, you don’t have to print the questions in a paper because your respondents can answer them with the use of this application. With the help of this application, visual merchandisers will save more time and energy. This mobile application is a modern way for visual merchandisers to audit their stores. As a result, the brand consistency can be ensured and all the issues will be resolved. You can find all the files on a single platform so you don’t have to dedicate too much time in finding them. The field representatives will be more accountable and responsible since they have to determine the exact time the store audit was completed.

This software can lift the burdens of visual merchandisers, field representatives and supervisors. If you are curious about Foko Retail software, you can request a demo so you can discover more about the provider’s capabilities. The tasks of the brand managers and visual merchandisers will be easier with the help of this application. This application has a creative design so it is very fun to use.

The clients will give them good comments and the company will have a good reputation. If the business is growing and developing, the company owner must use this software so he can monitor the situations in different branches.